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2017 International Macrobiotic Conference

Yoga Holiday en Provence, France

Shiatsu foundation course


Shiatsu foundation course (level I)

Shiatsu level I consists of 2 parts: part A, the basics and part B, meridian study and oriental diagnosis. Each of these parts are offered in intensive summer weeks. You can take only part A over 7 days or both A and B together over 14 days.


Part A: basics

Je learn how to give a basic shiatsu treatment. This complete body treatment allows to create physical and emotional balance within the body and helps to activate the self-healing power of the body. No previous knowledge is required. After this course, you can already practice the basics of shiatsu in a safe and effective way.


- Correct application of pressure, the connection with and the effect on the autonomous nervous system.
- Study of yin and yang philosophy, the biological evolution, the relation bewteen food and health.
- New insights into body structure and culture with okido yoga, do in and many other physical practices.

Part B: meridian study and oriental diagnosis


- Meridian clock and energy structure of teh body;
- Meridian study, diagnosis and various methods of treatment;
- Yin-yang philosofy and teh theory of teh Five transformations;
- Introduction onto macrobiotic cooking and the connection with the organs and the physical/mental condition;
- Study and practice of yu and bo points;
- Belly massage (hara treatment) and hara diagnosis;
- Visual diagnosis: posture, face, a.o.

Practical information

Part A: 7-23 July 2016, Part B: 24-30 July 2016

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Cost: € 595 (part A) -  € 650 (Part B) and € 1150 for both if paid before 1 June 2016.


Please contact us via for further info and subscription.


DATES: From 17 JUL To 30 APR, 2016

DURATION: 7 or 14 days (part A + part B)

COST: € 595 (part A) - € 650 (Part B)

LOCATION: Antwerp, Belgium


Mieke Vervecken

The International School of Shiatsu


tel: + 323 309 17 02