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Macrobiotic medicinal course

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The impact of food on children's development


Will industrially added nutrients be as beneficial to the human body as those naturally present in food?
Does everything that is available in the market and that we may eat can be called food?
What is actually a food?

The purpose of this talk is to introduce to parents and educators in general, some important facts about the nature of food, providing them simple guidelines that will allow to make conscious food choices. At the end of the presentation there will be time for questions.

VENUE: Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro \\ Antigo Solar da Nora, Estrada de Telheiras, 146, 1600-772 Lisboa, Portugal

ADDRESSEE: Parents, caregivers and educators of children in general.
Free entrance. The maximum limit of participants will be according to the room where the activity takes place. Starts at 4pm.

LANGUAGE: Portuguese

DATES: On Day 9 MAR, 2019

DURATION: 90 minutes, from 4pm to 5:30pm

COST: Free

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal