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Meetings with Macrobiotics #3

Getting to know food. A talk for kids and adults

Women's Voice in Macrobiotics


With this seminar, we intend to create a link with society in general and with all areas of life and health in particular, speaking openly about the Macrobiotic proposal, its evolution and its positive potential for transformation, both at the social and individual level, by starting from its integral point of view that encompasses the human being, the planet Earth and the universe. Fundamental questions that are now common in our daily life, but that in the 60’s of the 20th century were completely innovative, risky and motivating and which were introduced to the West by Macrobiotics.

From a common base – Macrobiotics – 5 women will present us 5 unique but complementary perspectives that will help us understand the Macrobiotic approach in itself and its adaptation to a constantly changing society.

Anna Mackenzie, from UK, Gabriele Kushi, from USA, Kristiane Ravn Frost, from Denmark, Tamara Dabic Kempf, from Croatia and Virgínia Henriques Calado, from Portugal, will be togheter for the first time in a unique seminar open to everyone, women, men, young people, doctors, scientists, non-conventional therapists …

Join us to meet and learn from these women who had the courage to think differently and act differently!

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DATES: On Day 28 OCT, 2018

DURATION: 14:30 - 20:00

COST: 110€

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal