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Testimonial from Jay Blatt

Testimonial From Jay Blatt


   "I opted to consult with Denny Waxman. He offers counseling sessions in Manhattan every other month, and his fees were in line with my budget. I started a macrobiotic diet using his recommendations about two months ago.

Results so far: 

     My liver count went from horrible to normal. My white blood count has decreased dramatically-still far from normal,but instead of growing, it appears to be diminishing-which is what I want! I was 75 points below normal with my platelets, and now I am 25 points above normal. My granulocytes went from 18 up to 26 which is good progress. So now we'll see if over the next few months if the diet continues to yield results.

   The idea with the type of aggressive CLL leukemia that I have is to remain in the 'watch and wait' phase to either cure the disease or have it go into deep remission to ultimately avoid having to use CHEMO.

The disease is treacherous and if you have the more aggressive type; your lymph nodes swell and your spleen and liver fill up with CLL cells. I do have swelling, but the hope is that if I can get the absolute lymphocyte count back low, the other symptoms will go away.

   I can say without hesitation that I can see how macrobiotics could reverse many diseases. Leukemia is a tall order, as it targets your immune system and can lay waste to the body's immune system and affect many organs at the same time. Some people have a more indolent version, yet others like me, have a more aggressive form.

   I hope that I can cure this disease and then spread the word about macrobiotics. I might even hang out a shingle and try to become a healer, if it works for me.  So far, so good. Thank you Denny!"