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Porridges and Soups for Happy Babies

International Macrobiotic Courses, Level 1 & 2


Personal Development and Health Coaching

Every day more and more people are realizing that many of the health issues that face our society are the direct cause of our diet and lifestyle. This awareness is coupled with the amazing fact that many of our most pressing illnesses can, in many cases, be reversed. Problems such as obesity, diabetes, many kinds of heart disease and other problems can be improved and even sometimes reversed through simple changes in daily habits.

What is called for is a new generation of men and women who are capable of offering practical advice on how to live a healthy life in modern society.

The IMP has a long history of creating exciting educational programs that address this need. Now we are expanding our vision to include a new program of intensive study programs to meet needs of our students. This is a rare opportunity to study with teachers who are expert consultants and draw on decades of practical experience. Macrobiotic philosophy serves as the foundation of these studies and provides the link between the disciplines and life skills we will explore together.



DATES: From 30 JAN To 14 FEB, 2016

DURATION: 2 weeks


LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal


+351 213 242 290