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Macrobiotic Cooking Class - 5 modules

Work and Study programme one month to one year



We ask:

  • Serious interest in macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu and yoga
  • Good worker, housekeeping, office work or in the garden, about 4 hour  work a day, 2 days off a week and free holiday periods
  • Likes to live, cook and work together
  • For shorter or longer period
  • Fee to be paid depends on time of stay, no fee for longer stay.
  • One year means: training level one shiatsu and level one in cooking.  Next to the training and study of cooking and shiatsu this stay also means working on your personal condition, revitalise and learn about Oriental medicine.
  • If there is any health concern is, this must be openly and honestly discussed before. We are not a hospital.


    We offer

  • Own room in English cottage house, all delicious macromeals
  • Cooking: “hands on cooking” during the week,  and one cooking weekend a month, which you sit in as a student
  • Shiatsu training, and weakly yogaclass, and transport to outside lessons.
  • Summercamps, ski holidays (if organised of course) and other activities
  • Interesting contacts also international,
  •  On line internet, library
  • Students come from everywhere: 2012 we hosted Moa from Sweden, Anne from Norway and Jenna from Switserland and of course our students from Belgium. In 2014 Vanessa and Will from Canada joined us for one month.



  • One week trial period: 250 euro. We can both see if this programm and lifestyle fits you
  • One month: 950 euro (- 250 of the first week)
  • Second month: 500 euro
  • Third month: 300 euro
  • Next months: to be discussed


When to come

Best periods to start are beginning September, January or April

LANGUAGE: English, Dutch, French, German

DATES: From 1 OCT To

DURATION: one month to one year

COST: 900 euro to 1750 euro (one year)

LOCATION: Westmalle, Belgium


Mieke Vervecken

tel: + 32 3 309 17 02

facebook: mieke(maria) Vervecken

No prior experience needed