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Macrobiotic medicinal course


Mieke Vervecken Pieters a.o.

Monday July 25 till Saturday July 30 2016

Once you have discovered the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle, your health gets better, your thinking becomes clearer, your character more quiet yet energetic. Many experience they need less sleep and have a more happy positive feeling in life. If you want to develop further and refine or refresh your cooking techniques, this intensive course is what you may look for.

An in-depth study combined with practical workshops. We prepare medicinal preparations for the digestive system, the nervous system and circulatory problems. How to deal with mental and emotional problems, and … how it all works through applying the compass of yin and yang.

Where? Eco-dojo in the beautiful forest of Westmalle (near Antwerp).

For whom? Anyone who has experience and a basic knowledge of the macrobiotic cuisine (necessary). This course can help you develop the skills to become a health coach.

Daily programme
Morning Exercises: 7.00 h
Breakfast: 8:00 h, lunch at 12:00 h, dinner at 18.00 h
Lessons: 9:00 to 12:00 h and 14:30 to 17:30 h
Relaxing evening activity from 20.00: sound healing, harashiatsu, evening walk and singing around an open fire, ginger compresses, infrared sauna …

Theory and Practice
The following medicinal drinks will be explained, and every day we will prepare some of them: Kukicha, rice tea, barley tea, dandelion root tea, green vegetables tea, azuki tea, shoban, oeme shoban and oeme sho kuzu, tea oeme concentrate, sweet fruit drink, mugwort tea, lemon tea, Swedish herbs lotus tea, juice (sour apples), shiitake tea, salt water, sage tea, megabuthea, daikon drink n°1 and n°2, kuzu tea, ginger tea,...

• The standard diet as basic pattern of a healthy lifestyle
• Medicinal effects of ingredients from our kitchen
• Symptomatic treatments versus lifestyle: what, when and where
• Study of yin and yang from texts of Georges Oshawa
• What causes disease?: a process from yin to yang: materialization from the energetic world
• Preparing some medicinal drinks
• Practice: Strengthening meal soup, pickles, more yin or more yang (for digestive problems)
• Practice: “Power Eating program”: learn to chew and enjoy

• Treatment of some basic symptomatic problems: drinks and dishes
• Practice: we make a number of drinks
• Discussion of digestive problems: constipation and diarrhea, appendicitis, Crohn’s disease, gastrointestinal problems (indigestion, gastric ulcer, reflux), bulimia and anorexia, orthorexia and macrorexia.
• Emotional aspects of these diseases and their approach according to the 5 Transformations
• Practice: medicinal dishes to complement the standard diet
• Other treatments

• Cardiovascular disease: dormant conditions and sudden problems
• Qualities of salt? Is salt-free food appropriate? Stagnation by using salt.
• The great cholesterol issue. What is the function of cholesterol in vascular problems
• High and low blood pressure, stroke, varicose veins
• Circulation Problems
• Practice: eliminating dishes
• Emotional aspects of these diseases and their approach according to the 5 Transformations

• Mental and emotional problems and their relationship with our bodies
• How extremes create imbalance in our diet
• Healing the emotions according to the 5 Transformations: Water -Tree – Fire – Earth – Metal
• Workshop: menu where each dish is discussed from the different transformations
• preparing some medicinal drinks
• How to deal with aggression, depression or anxiety

• How does the nervous system get nourished? What are the relationships with other systems and organs
• Characteristics of a strong nervous system
• The nervous system and communication problems on a physical and social level.
• Medicinal cooking for specific conditions: Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease
•Other treatments
• Practice of dishes and condiments for the nervous system

•Changing habits, also in your macrobiotic diet, always a healthy choice.
• Practice: dynamic variations in stews (nishime), stir-fry and pressed salads
• Lighter cooking styles for yang conditions
• When and how to use herbs
• Why healthy eaters also may get cancer
• preparing some medicinal drinks
• Modern superfoods: turmeric, chia seeds, coconut oil, goji berries, barley powder and others: useful or not, and why
• Adjustments to the standard diet for today.

Arrival: Monday, July … from 9:00 h. The class is on Mondays from 10:00 to 13:00 h
Departure: Saturday, … at 14:00 h

* B: Course from 7:00 to 21:30 h, including dinner (breakfast free): 475 euro. discount if paid before June 1: 450 euro.
* C: Same as B with simple overnight stay in your own tent or dormitory: 525 euro discount for early booking: 490 euro.
* D: All courses and meals, full board in simple single room: 650 euro Discount for early booking: 600 euro.
Number of participants is limited to 10. Number of private rooms is limited, so we recommend to book and pay early to reserve your place.

LANGUAGE: English/Dutch

DATES: From 24 JUL To 30 JUL, 2016

DURATION: 6 days

COST: € 650 (€ 600 before 1 June)

LOCATION: Antwerp, Belgium


Mieke Vervecken

The International School of Shiatsu


tel: + 323 309 17 02