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International Macrobiotic Courses, Level 1 & 2

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Way to Health



Teachers: Mieke Vervecken-Pieters, Suzan Severijns, An Vervecken, Tomoko Mori, Jan Vervecken, a.o.

This course 6-day culinary health course will inspire you to have a life full of energy, clarity and a new vision towards a healthy future. You will understand how illness arises and how to regain health using food, breathing exercises, yoga and shiatsu. Moreover you will meet so many interesting students and teachers .... so much fun.

Improve your energy, heal your body

Theory lessons:

  • Western diet and Eastern study of energies
  • Discover  yin and yang
  • How to change to a healthier life style
  • Macrobiotic philosophy: learn to judge by yourself, using the tools here offered

Inspiring cooking classes:

  • How to prepare, grain dishes, vegetables, sea vegetables, condiments, and surely heavenly desserts
  • We will make 'complete' menus, so this allows you to start at home immediately
  • Learn the different cooking styles
  • How to save time, and how to cook quick meals
  • 2 Workshops: make sushi and different desserts

harmonizing activities such as yoga  with famous London teacher Tomoko Mori:

  • Stretching: feel how your energy flows...
  • Hara strengthening exercises
  • Open your hear with breathing and asana’     

Relaxing evening program:

  • Gingercompresses
  • Shiatsulesson or treatment
  • Sound shower  and vibrational healing
  • discovering 'Old Antwerp'
  • relax with yoga and shiatsu

Everyone will get a map with lots of information on the cooking classes as well as background info and menu planning

This is how the day may look like:

7.00-07.45:     yoga, stretching, chanten, herbal walk, do-in etc.

8.00:                breakfast

9.00-10.00:     theory lesson

10.15-12.00:   demonstration cooking class: make a full menu

12.00:              lunch

15.00-16.00:   yoga: relax the upper body, strengthen the hara with TOMOKO MORI

16.15-18.00:   cooking class or workshop

18.00:              dinner

20.00-21.30:   evening activity

21.30:              bar is open….


Arrival:          Sunday17 July 2016 at 13.00 (1.p.m.)

Leave:            Friday 24th  July late evening  after the party (extra night could be arranged)

Costs:             540 euro: full board (2- bedroom) and all lessons, as well as tea all day

                        495 euro if fully paid before 1st of June.

                        465 euro for your partner if fully paid before 1st June

                        single room + 100 euro.

 Note: go to facebook 'mieke(maria) vervecken-pieters' for many pictures                  

LANGUAGE: Dutch, English

DATES: From 17 JUL To 22 JUL, 2016

DURATION: 6 days

COST: 495 euro to 695 euro (private room)

LOCATION: Antwerp, Belgium


Mieke Vervecken at  : De Natuurlijke Kookschoo

tel: + 32 3309 17 02