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Getting to know food. A talk for kids and adults

30 Jahre Makrobiotik in Berlin



About the seminar

The Nature's Way Seminar is a story of an individual growth, emotional reprogramming, personal development and our readiness to experiment in the process. Designed by Zlatko Pejić in 2000, it is aimed at reconnecting with the nature, and rediscovering and revitalizing true innate capacities of our bodies. This process reignites our true potentials and, consequentially, creates bigger satisfaction, builds self-esteem, strengthens mental and emotional balance, reveals our true selves, and shows us what beautiful things we can accomplish.



Every day of the seminar is a new challenge filled with activities: morning meditation, exercises for activating the whole body, daily hiking tours with walking meditations, breathing exercises for a higher quality oxygen intake and cell regeneration, exercises for strengthening instincts, and reconnecting with innate potentials... We can say that the Nature's Way is an opportunity to become one with the nature, to learn in and from the nature.


Daily schedule

There is no time-sheet for this seminar. J
We get up early, with the nature’s rhythm, take the activities that go in the connected flow.
There is also time planned as free time in the afternoon.
In the evening we have class/gathering as a review of each day, and kind of auto-reflexion.


Healthy, freshly prepared wholesome and organic meals are in accordance with principles of natural and wholesome nutrition.
There are two main meals and one small meal that we take with ourselves while we’re out in the nature.


Why Risnjak?

“Risnjak is almost like a natural temple in which we discover what nature really is, and that's why I believe that it is a perfect place to experience our true selves. I cannot think of a better location for this seminar. I firmly believe that this is a unique retreat and experience in the world.” Zlatko Pejić

NP Risnjak enables us to feel and perceive the power of nature. Its incredible variations in temperature, and weather conditions almost have a therapeutical power, and on the other hand, they demonstrate the real nature of the nature. The fact that the experience of Risnjak is so unique in comparison to what we are used to, also brings our ability to adapt to new circumstances to the surface. This, in turn, stimulates our whole being, and we end up feeling stronger, mentally and emotionally more balanced, and more self-confident.


Arrival and departure

Arrival - Sunday, July 17, 2016, at noon

Departure – Sunday, July 24, 2016, around noon


Seminar fee

The seminar fee includes the program, meals, an accommodation, as well as the ticket for the National Park Risnjak, and an insurance for all participants. The seminar fee is 570 Euros.

Deposit/nonrefundable: 150 Euros / as confirmation of reservation
Rest of the payment: upon arrival


We are looking forward to the time spent together with you exploring true nature!



LANGUAGE: Croatian, English

DATES: From 17 JUL To 24 MAY, 2016

DURATION: 1 week

COST: 570 Euros



Telephone nr: + 385 1 48 47 119,