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Join us for 2021 Autumn IMC

5th, 6th & 7th October 2021 / Lisbon

We invite you to join our next event in Lisbon around the theme Applying Macrobiotics Principles to Daily Life. 

This conference is dedicated to people who are active within Macrobiotics or have studied level 3 or equivalent. You can count on inspiring and revealing talks, along with discussion times, practical applications and also socializing moments.

The most delicious lunch and snacks are included, along with 2 sessions of exercise each day and our celebration dinner and music on the last night.



DATES: From 5 OCT to 7 OCT, 2021

DURATION: 3 days

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

COST: 195€ (until 20th September - midnight GMT) / 250€ fullprice


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    Geninha Horta Varatojo

    Introduction & Personal Story

    Geninha will be our wonderful host this year. She will give an introduction and tell her personal story. The topics will be:

    • How she met macrobiotics and her personal experience during these 40 years
    • How Francisco and Geninha opened their company and started organizing courses and holiday camps
    • What difficulties and benefits she felt when feeding her children according to Macrobiotics in the 80s - look at the big picture


    Geninha is one of the most well known Macrobiotic teachers in Portugal and a regular presence in Spain. She is also author of several cook books regarding Macrobiotic diet and writer of countless articles in numerous magazines in Portugal, since 1990's.

    Mother of 4 children, her attention was drawn particularly to education and children's diet. Now she is an adviser on the field of healthy diet programs for pregnant women, babies and children.

    She is the IMP's co-founder, active since 1985 (previously called Kushi Institute of Portugal). She's also the responsible coordinator for the annual Macrobiotic cooking courses of Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal.

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    Sandy Pukel

    Humility and Arrogance in Macrobiotics

    Many teachers and students have relied on the Macrobiotic concept as the popular answer to all things related to physical health and well being. As more of our teachers have passed on earlier than expected, we have realized that regardless how well we practice the dietary part of Macrobiotics, there are other factors that play a major role.

    One factor: the quality of a life well lived versus the number of years you spend on the planet. How can we measure the gifts so many of our teachers and friends have shared with us, while they themselves did not live a long life. Did they not understand the unique principle? I think not. These heroes gave unselfishly, while continuing to share their knowledge with others. 

    1. Where have we come from before we started Macrobiotics? There are underlying conditions that are often not shared.
    2. Embracing the philosophy of Macrobiotics, how it greatly effects our physical and spiritual well being.

    I strongly maintain without practicing Macrobiotics, these teachers and friends would not have lived as long as they did. We as students and friends need not make any excuses for " untimely " deaths in our Macrobiotic community.


    Sandy Pukel has been intimately involved in the natural foods industry for over five decades and has established an international reputation as a leader in this field. He is a natural foods icon in South Florida where he taught vegetarian cooking in the early 1970s and owned and operated the landmark Oak Feed natural foods store, a Mecca for people interested in health and well-being. Together with world macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi, Sandy established a network of learning centers throughout Florida to teach natural foods cooking and holistic health. Sandy helped to establish several macrobiotic foundations in Florida and began sponsoring conferences featuring macrobiotic world leaders such as Michio Kushi and Herman Aihara. As interest in macrobiotics, Oriental medicine, health and food grew, Sandy's workshops and conferences expanded to include nationally known teachers and speakers who attracted thousands of attendees in Florida, California, and Colorado. Proceeds from many of these events were used to educate school children about the benefits of good nutrition. John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America (Stillpoint), is one celebrity who has attended several of Sandy's conferences. "Sandy is one of the brightest minds in the natural healing movement," says Robbins about his friend. In Sandy's own words, "My life is an expression of what I think is important. 'You are what you eat' is really true. Food creates the body and has a great influence on our mind and spiritual life. My dream is a peaceful, ecologically sane world, which I feel must begin with balanced eating.  "In July of 2005 Sandy received the Aveline Kushi Award for his outstanding life-long service in promoting macrobiotics and holistic health.  In 1984 he founded a non-profit educational foundation, A Taste of Health, which has hosted celebrities and internationally known holistic educators at conferences and open air festivals. More than 30,000 guests and students have attended some of these events. As a board certified nutritionist he works with clients regarding lifestyle changes and dietary needs. Sandy has also been instrumental in the establishment of several natural foods businesses. His cookbook, Grains and Greens on the Deep Blue Sea, is the direct outcome of Sandy’s latest adventure, Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic Caribbean cruise featuring delicious vegetarian foods and an education program that includes yoga, Pilates, macrobiotics, meditation, cooking classes, and much more. "This ‘Voyage to Well-Being,’" says Sandy, "is the culmination of my dream to provide people with a positive, life-changing experience while having the vacation of a lifetime on one of the world’s most luxurious Italian ocean liners."

    Tel nº.: 305-725-0081

    4500 SW 63 Ave

    Miami, FL 33155


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    Anna Mackenzie

    The extraordinary power of gratitude

    In this presentation I will look at the origin of gratitude, its’ expression, what it bestows on and within us, in every culture, and upon the earth. Gratis, what is it to be free physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, politically; complete in wholeness with the vibration of the universe…does natural life require gratitude to grow and flourish for decades and eons?

    When it circulates there are less obstacles to inhibit our ability to absorb nutrients of every type with all our senses. We will see how our body, mind, soul can work at their optimum, like an oxygen rich, clear, running stream.Working together we’ll find the big picture of possibilities the effect of gratitude has on all aspects of being in the world for the future.


    Anna teaches workshops, catering for events and retreats in Macrobiotics. Specializing in cooking, home-remedies, philosophy of living and dying, Okido yoga, exercise. Counselling for health, plus Interior Alignment and Space Clearing for home and business.

    When we care for ourselves and all living creatures and plants in nature inside us and outside us, at every moment. These are the endless possibilities of the big life view! Anna enjoys gardening, dancing, the natural wisdom in cultures world-wide and their freedom to practice. She chaired the MBA and has worked in many countries for over 40 years.

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    Simon Brown

    YinYang, 5 Elements and Trigrams with Simon Brown

    I will explain YinYang using the original Chinese version and show how this is integrated with the 5 Transformations to provide a yin or yang version of each transformation. This means we can better describe the chi of each transformation and create practical remedies. As part of this we will explore how to use the preceeding and following transformations to bring about change in a particular transformation by including YinYang.


    In addition we will explore San Cai and the Trigrams and how this helps us apply YinYang to time, space and humans in a easy to use system. This can help us take a bigger perspective on the YinYang of someone's life and explore key influences.


    Further, we will combine YinYang, 5 Transformations and 8 Trigrams into the Later Heaven's Sequence. This becomes our basic integrated model for time, in the form of a clock, lunar calander and solar calander, as well as space in the form of a map.


    We will apply this to the human body, homes, food, activites, human qualities and more to gain a better understanding of the people we work with. This model can even be used as a therapy tool, and model for change.


    Simon Brown has practiced macrobiotics since 1980 and has worked extensively with people internationally to help improve their health. Simon is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotic and wrote 'Against All Odds' with Doctor Faulkner, charting his amazing recovery from pancreatic cancer. Simon was the director of London's Community Health Foundation for seven years and a founder member of the Macrobiotic Association, where he has served as chair. Simon's latest book is Macrobiotics For Life. Simon worked on a 3 year project developing macrobiotics with doctors, researchers and diabetes specialist nurses to help people with diabetes in India. He teaches macrobiotics in Europe, US, Japan and India and has had many papers on macrobiotics published by Macrobiotics International. Simon and his partner Filipa conducted a detailed macrobiotic survey for 600 people to collect essential information on the lifestyle choices of those following macrobiotics along with their emotional, mental and physical health results.

    Simon's primary teachers include Michio and Aveline Kushi, Shiuko Yamamoto and Takashi Yoshikawa.

    An online macrobiotic consultation with Simon can be carried out using Zoom, Whatsapp, FaceTime or Skype. Simon will carefully listen to your unique situation and then work with you to design your individual macrobiotic menu plan and lifestyle recommendations. The macrobiotic consultation includes help getting started, ongoing advice and reviews of your food diaries.

    The fee for this is £95. This fee includes ongoing macrobiotic support.

    Simon also runs a complete online macrobiotic training course that teaches everything you need for excellent health, including healthy natural food, exercise, good sleep, improving self esteem ,enjoying healthy emotions, positive psychology, and living with appreciation. The course also includes YinYang, 5 Transformations, meridians, meditation, cooking skills, nutrition, health coaching techniques and macrobiotic philosophy. The training prepares you for accreditation with the Macrobiotic Association.

    Phone +44 (0) 7543663227 or +351962413138




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    Rik Vermuyten

    Selfreflection, a much needed daily practice for developing more awareness

    By contemplating over our attitudes ,points of view, beliefs, our motivations, our actions and reactions, daily habits and practices, we can honestly look at ourselves….get wisdom from our experiences and are able to change and reform ourselves…

    We will use practical questions and suggestions to get ourselves back on the way to change and development



    Rik Vermuyten, born nearby Antwerp in  the flemish speaking  part of Belgium

    Studied Clinical Chemistry and worked  several years as Technical Chief of Department of Nuclear Medicine in a Hospital in Antwerp

    Discovered the oriental point of view of yin and yang in 1969 and started the macrobiotic way of life.

    Cofounded the East West Center in Antwerp  in 1978 and became the Director of the Macrobiotic Institute of Antwerp

    Studied Naturopathy,Homoeopathy,Iridology,Biochemistry,Nutrition,Anatomy and Fysiology,Oriental Phylosophy,Acupuncture and Moxa (  BAc )

    Cofounded several Acupuncture Schools and was Head Teacher and Supervisor in the AnloDutch College of Acupuncture

    Appointed by Michio Kushi as Senior Macrobiotic Teacher and Counselor ( 1983) and was part of the Reviewboard of graduating students and teachers of the macrobiotic institutes in Europe

    Travelled a lot around in Europe,Israel and USA ,gave more than a hundredthousand consultations and over four thousand classes,conferences ,seminars and workshops in several languages

    Guestteacher in several macrobiotic and shiatsu institutes/schools in Europe


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    Kenneth Prange

    "Vivere Parvo" (from latin: "take the minimum required")

    At the root of our collective, consuming mentality is a deep loss of gratitude, fear and physical imbalance. Taking only what is the necessary minimum shows how you deal with life, your inner convictions, and attitudes. Living economically refers not only to diet and food intake, but in a social context, this economy reflects on the gratitude and appreciation shown for the things bestowed upon you and how you share those things with others. George Ohsawa was an advocate of eating the minimum; staying slightly hungry, keeping active. This is an effective means of being healthy, as it shows up in the level of fitness in your body. It also keeps you attuned to your emotional and spiritual dimension. In this talk I will revisit the necessity of a no-waste lifestyle and how holding back creates an appetite for life's passions that will make you more productive and make your life more meaningful."


    Teacher and Health Consultant

    With 40 years experience, Ken has an extraordinary knowledge of, Macrobiotic principles, of foods and their effect on the body. This lifelong learning is transmitted to people with a great passion and energy, enthusing all to look at their own food and lifestyle choices and see where they can be changed for the better.

    Ken's passion for food, healing and oriental diagnosis started back in the 70s, at the  Community Health Foundation, in London's Old Street. Learning under the macrobiotic gurus of the time, Michio and Aveline Kushi, the desire for knowledge grew strongly and Ken soon moved to work and study at the Macrobiotic Institute of Berlin. It was here that Ken spent the next seven years studying, first to become a Naturopath (Heilpraktiker) and then the in-depth skills associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including amongst others, Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Prompted by his wife Angela, Ken started to give Macrobiotic nutritional and lifestyle consultations in Italy in 1992, which now, after 29 years has expanded to several European countries. His work experience also profits from the 4 years of intense activity at the famous Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. Currently Ken teaches the 4 levels of Macrobiotic study in Valencia and Madrid and he is one of the few senior Macrobiotic teacher/consultants in Europe active at this time.  

    Since leaving the Macrobiotic Institute in Berlin, Ken has set up several successful whole food gourmet restaurants in Italy and Germany with his wife Angela and worked as Camp Director on the English and Scottish One World Summer Camps.

    Ken's other studies include: Iridology, Regressional Hypnosis, Ear Acupuncture and Silva Mind control.

    Facebook: @ken.prange


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    Ana Torres [Azuki]

    Mindfull Chewing

    The act of being present as we eat and appreciate our food, can be a precious gateway to calm, meditation, health, as well as the means to enhance the human experience.

    The harmonious intake of food has a tremendous impact on health. Not only as the beginning of the digestion process, but also as a trigger to physical, energetic and spiritual transformation. Our immune system is strengthened, not only by what we eat, but also, how we eat.

    This presentation will highlight the points to hold present as we sit down for a meal. It will also describe the benefits of chewing mindfully on a personal and global perspective.

    It’s objective is to inspire the respect for mealtime within practical and attainable adjustments of today’s busy lifestyle. More than a macrobiotic intelectual principal, a happy accessible practice.


    Ana Torres is a lifelong macrobiotic practitioner. She teaches and mentors students at her school Azuki Macrobiotics and at the IMP or Institute in Lisbon.

    Ana's specialty is making the gift of macrobiotics simple and accessible with classes in English and Portuguese. She is committed to sharing the creative and profound knowledge of healing through food.
    She works 1-1 with clients, through specific programs designed to enable each individual to better their eating habits and obtain their personal objective. Anual and Introductory group courses are held in Porto, Portugal too.

    Prior to creating Azuki, Ana spent 15 years in the graphic design industry. She lives in Porto near her first macrobiotic teacher, her mother. In addition to teaching and cooking, Ana spends time studying human expansion and healing practices.

    You may reach Ana:

    Instagram: @ana.torres.azuki / FB: azukimacro or e-mail:

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    Bill Tara

    Macrobiotics, Modeling the Future

    Both Michio Kushi and George Oshawa presented a vision of society that was based on their interpretation of yin/yang. The broad scope of many of those ideas can provide useful templates for the creation of a healthy and peaceful world. This usefulness will rely on our ability to apply critical thinking and a deep commitment of actualize the potential that we have, not simply as individuals, but as agents of change.

    This process would need to be clear in its intention. It would entail defining what we mean by "a peaceful world", "health", "freedom" and any number of concepts that are common to the macrobiotic vocabulary.

    For this presentation I will use several common macrobiotic models including the Spiral of History, The Levels of Judgement and the most recent examples of Dietary Applications to illustrate what a future oriented and cohesive macrobiotic movement might look like.


    Bill Tara has been an active advocate for macrobiotics since 1966. He was the first teacher awarded the Macrobiotic Senior Teacher certificate by Michio Kushi and was head of the Macrobiotic Teacher/Counsellor Review Board in both America and Europe. 

    He has been invited to 25 countries to present seminars on Macrobiotics, Human Ecology and Five Transformation Psychology. He was the co-founder the Kushi Institute with Michio and Aveline Kushi and served as the Institute’s Director in London, UK and Boston

    His publishing credits include: Macrobiotics and Human Behaviour, Your Face Never Lies (editor), Natural Body – Natural Mind, The Portal of Dreams (fiction) and How to Eat Right and Save the Planet (with a Forward by Professor Gary Francione).

    On Facebook: Bill Tara



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    Filipa Silva

    Seven conditions for health and modern science

    According to the writings from Ohsawa, he took several decades to develop what we know as the seven conditions for health. And if at the time he lived, they seemed to be a good tool to approach health, are these conditions still valid in modern days? What does science has to say about them?

    This presentation will explore the seven conditions for health using a scientific approach. Namely, are there studies regarding any of them and if so, what do those studies say? Is any of the conditions more important than the others and what is the effect of having a more holistic approach to health, combining several conditions/aspects, instead of only one condition/aspect?

    This might be a useful resource for bringing a higher confidence to new consultants to use the seven conditions for health in their work. Also, to give more experienced consultants some scientific facts that might help some clients relate to their recommendations better.


    Filipa Silva is a macrobiotic teacher and consultant since 2015. She teaches on Simon Brown’s online annual macrobiotic course, at Escola Macrobiótica and at Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon.

    Due to her degree in Mathematics and a master in Applied Econometrics, in 2020, she and Simon Brown launched a survey completed by almost 600 macrobiotic practitioners. Filipa presented the preliminary results at the 2020 International Macrobiotic Conference. The full report was published in the Macrobiotics International website and the main results in the international magazine Macrobiotics Today.

    She also wrote the paper The Macrobiotic Vision of Destiny, presented at the 2019 International Macrobiotic Conference, also published in Macrobiotics Today.

    She has always been passionate about nature, food and philosophy, having practiced martial arts since she was a teenager (black belt in karaté). In 2015 she graduated in Macrobiotics, Health and Self-transformation and also specialized in Counseling and Communication, at the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal (IMP), where she was macrobiotic assistant for three years.

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    Eva Madeira

    Guiding day-to-day choices these days!

    We live in a frenetic society, where time is short in so many tasks. We are always doing something, producing, executing! Orders and instructions are given and followed, where it is so easy to get lost and get into a mechanised day-to-day life, without thinking and with a false relief of unaccountability. Because we do what we are told to do!

    Perhaps it is even necessary and urgent to show and offer principles that help us to make decisions, without telling us what to do, but that help to guide our choices bringing a clear benefit for the health of the body, the mind and the planet and not only for the economy.

    It is magnificent to observe that throughout so many years, with so many transformations in society and in the way of living day by day, Macrobiotics and its principles remain so valid and adequate.

    How can we apply these principles of Macrobiotics in a practical and simple way in our daily life and show that it is possible?

    In the urgency of saving the planet we inhabit and the human species itself, it seems to me really Important that we can unite, with all our diversity, and can inspire other people. Because diversity is fundamental and it seems to me that we can live the same principles in different ways!


    Brief biography

    • Name: Eva Maria Capucho Toscano Madeira
    • Date of birth: 24-09-1979
    • Profession: 

    - Creator of the evagoodlife project, which is dedicated to sharing recipes and Macrobiotic philosophy through youtube videos, online courses and workshops
    - Teacher of Macrobiotic cooking

    • Training and Experience in the field of Macrobiotics: 

    - Macrobiotic training with the 3 year annual Macrobiotic course at IMP. finishing up Macrobiotic 
    Mentoring training. (2015 – 2019)
    - Organisation and delivery of macrobiotic cooking workshops
    - Creation and implementation of macrobiotic menus for a children's school (2019)
    - Participation in events associated with ecology such as organii eco-market, the Green Fest, the Earth-friendly Christmas Market in Almada, with Macrobiotic food showcookings
    - Participation as a speaker in online events such as World Macrobiotic Summit and the anniversary of the Portuguese newspaper PUBLICO

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    Ginat Rice

    The Yin and Yang of Grief

    There is nothing more devastating than yearning for something seemingly absent. At my husband Sheldon's passing I was devastated by physical separation and loss of the safe and familiar. I look deeply into the magic glasses of yin and yang to find Sheldon where he is, not where he was–that's the illusion of loss. I free up the energy bound to him and our experience to re-invent myself in the new normal.

    Love never ends, nor does grief. They are two sides of the same precious coin, the yin and yang of life. I have loved, and now I must muster the courage to mourn. It's a tough road with spikes and troughs like a volatile stock market. I went from yearning for a semi-trailer to run me down to glimpsing meaning, love, and joy.

    I seek a harmonizing cosmic unity in the new now. There is no such thing as death. No one ceases to be. I train myself into clear reception of Sheldon, connecting to his state of non-resistance by stilling my mind and practicing appreciation. Contemplating Sheldon's journey reveals an expanded world of untold magnificence. This is the true continuity of life. There is no ending.


    Ginat Rice began macrobiotics in Jerusalem in 1980. She completed Level IV studies at the Kushi Institute, scribed for Michio Kushi and participated in his Cook Referral Service. She co-owned Boston's Satori Macrobiotic Restaurant for 10 years. Ginat is a certified macrobiotic counselor and shiatsu therapist, and specializes in hand analysis and palmistry. She contributes frequently to Macrobiotics Today, and has lectured at Kushi Institute Summer Conferences, GOMF Summer Camps, the One World Festival, the Belgium Summer School program, the Pacific Macrobiotic Conference and International Conferences for Macrobiotic Educators. She teaches, lectures and directs macrobiotic activities in Israel.

    Ginat is author of Food, Faith & Healing: 40 Stories of Cancer Recovery and the cookbook, Macrobiotic Meals, both available on her website.

    Visit Ginat at

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    Kristiane Ravn Frost

    From head to heart

    Practicing MB is like playing an instrument. In the beginning we practice diagnosis, cooking methods, menuplanning etc. We often experience that a mistake makes us feel worse. This is perfect. We need to master the basics and understand the mechanisms.

    However, it's easy to forget that the deeper aim is to reconnect with our ability to feel life. Our ability to feel our real needs, so we can let go of compensating. Our ability to feel when our actions are appropriate/inappropriate in regards to our goal. Our ability to be present in the moment with whatever there is. Without labelling it good or bad. Once we recover our ability to be present with what is and make right choices, lifes becomes MACRObiotic.

    If we keep practicing the same way as we did in the beginning using our intellectual understanding to guide our choices, chances are that we all of a sudden will find ourselves practicing MICRObiotics rather than MACRObiotics.

    In this talk/workshop we will explore what practicing macrobiotics from the heart looks like and which challenges we met and how we overcame them or still is struggling with them.


    Kristiane Ravn Frost has taught macrobiotics since 1982. 

    She's a founding member and vision keeper of Avnø OASIS Eco-village and Avnø Højskole - a Peoples College aiming to support the ongoing paradigm shift in relation to physical and mental health, nature, economy, culture at the personal, organizational and societal level towards a sustainable, fair and life-affirming world.

    In 2001 she developed a new generation of dynamic, systematic and in-depth leadership, coaching and self reflection tools, AIMA. Most schools teach strategies: Think positive, eat this, do that ... AIMA provides the tools to integrate the strategies.

    In 2017 she was trained in Sociocracy. She soon became a member of SoFA's Facilitation Trainer group and has assisted GEN Europe and GEN Denmark developing new organizational structures.

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    Maria Afonso Sancho

    Crossing interesting times in a Macrobiotic way

    I will share my study about the crisis we are experiencing nowadays, on the basis of Astrology, making references to several cycles (that are closing and initiating now) with History and his facts.

    Of course in a useful and simple way with lots of synthesis in the concepts.

    All the time I will be referring to Yin and Yang, our Macrobiotic knowledge and even how to use the lunar phases to pickle vegetables, to stop haemorrhages, to grow plants, to heal wounds or to make a good bread and so on.

    I have to say that, for me, Astrology is an entity born from a cross between a clock and a roadmap. So the prognostications I do are as providential and exciting as when we prepare a trip.

    In this case a trip of personal improvement through Life.



    Maria Afonso Sancho first learned of Macrobiotics in 1973.
    Immediately, she took this kind of food to the snack bar at the Medical College Students' Association at the University of Lisbon, where she was studying. By 1974, where once was only a stand selling french fries, fried beef, and fried eggs, there were now daily vegetarian macrobiotic meals. The university has continued to add more macrobiotic meals ever since.

    However, her search of the mysteries of the Divine, of Health and Illness, and of Life and Death began much earlier. Maria Afonso Sancho remembers at an early age sitting beside her grandfather, Raul, and rather than asking him to tell her fairy tales, instead asking him about God, sickness, life and death. Her grandfather was very wise and knew how to cure not only people, but also animals and plants. They were his books that Maria first read -- books from the 18th and 19th centuries, about agriculture, medicine, and veterinary work – all while she was only six years old.

    A regular member of Mensa International ( with the membership number 53466, Maria Afonso Sancho is a trailblazer, more given to self-learning and pioneering than to academia. However, from 1980-1986, she completed the first Macrobiotics course ever given in Portugal. Later, she completed further training in Switzerland.
    She is also a Regular Member  of ISCA (Membership number: 36664658). Systemic Constellations are a method, an approach, a type of therapy, a collection of insights, applied philosophy, study of human relationships, a useful tool applied in many disciplines, a way of perceiving the world and find solutions to free yourself from any kind of problems.

    For 24 years, she had the title of a Naturopath. However, in 2014 the laws that govern Naturopathy in Portugal were altered. Since she disagreed with the changes, she gave up the title she’s retained for more than 2 decades. Living in the realm of fear is against her life concepts, so she considers herself a happy ex-naturopath.
    She studied under various disciples of George OshawaMichio e Aveline Kushi, of course, as well as Tomio Kikushi and Herman Aihara. She sat under the teaching of Ferro Ledvinka and Ryk Vermuiten em Lenk in 1986, and that of Francisco Varatojo from 1986 to 1990. She also studied under many other masters, and completed a synthesis of many other techniques.

    Since then, she has developed her own method of Painless Self Cure support, understanding that the only true Cure lies in changing and curing one’s self. Self Cure’s effectiveness continues to surprise, and, naturally, it only includes techniques that are holistic and pleasant.
    Today, Maria Afonso Sancho continues her travels, studies and independent research, as a polymath with a keen interest in all experiences that can support the development of health and happiness.

    • The fee for first online macrobiotic consultation is €300. Save 2 hours for it. This fee includes your ongoing macrobiotic advice and life coaching. Please get your birth data before (day, month, year, time and place). Bring paper and pen to write down your notes. They will be useful for the rest of your life. The folwing consultations will be €100/hour. But please ask her advise only if you want to free yourself from any kind of problem. It should be deeply wished.
    • Also consider an online macrobiotic training day, at your home, to find a solution to any problem. Or enjoy our "Online Silence, Mantras and Balance Systems Retreats"  for a Transformative Deep Process  during 3 weeks or just one week-end or for 5 days or a 2 weeks Transformative Retreat . These will take place, when possible, also at different confortable places. Immersed in local culture & nature. 

    Take a look at this video about Maria Afonso Sancho. (
    In this pleasant talk in portugese you can know her better. (
    This is about her last book:
    You can order her 3 books from here: 

    She is now a widow, and has four children and five grandchildren.
    You can speak with her fluently in five languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Italian.
    What she most enjoys is helping empower other people to heal themselves, love themselves, and find happy meaning for their lives. It makes her heart chakra shine with joy!

    Maria Afonso Sancho email is:

    Whatsapp and Telegram: +351 933 889 988

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    Melanie Waxman

    Macrobiotic Coaching - 40 years of working with clients

    Working with our clients is like a dance, an art that includes some science and a logical structure. This practical session will give you insights into this fascinating journey. We will look at the importance of how questions are asked and how answers are received. How to connect with our clients with care, curiosity, love and spaciousness. How to have gentle authority and to listen, enjoy the process, get comfortable with uncertainty, and do away with the idea of fixing.

    Working with clients is a great learning experience for all. We will discuss the idea of having a beginners mind and an openness to learning on the job. Teaching is also a vital part of counseling. We will take a look at the difference between presenting and teaching and how to use archetypes in our work.


    Melanie Waxman is considered a pioneer in the field of nutrition, macrobiotics, food energetics, and holistic health. She has spent 4 decades practising integrated therapies and has helped clients from all over the world. She has written 6 books and has been interviewed for numerous magazines. For the past six years, Melanie has been the nutritional consultant at the famous SHA wellness clinic in Spain. Melanie is also a mind, body, nutritional coach. Melanie’s approach is acknowledged as down to earth, practical, and realistic, and includes a combination of traditional wisdom, the latest scientific and nutritional research and ancient practices.

    Facebook: @MelanieBWaxman

    Instagram: @melaniebwaxman

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    Lourenço de Azevedo

    Circulation and articulation in life

    As we expose ourselves to many factors in our daily affairs, how can we dwell in the diversity of life without getting injured or overwhelmed?

    In this presentation I will outline the principles that can applied to create a better flow in what is know as traditional supporting and nourishing life practices.



    There is a line that unites us as humans. This line doesn't define or choose borders or culture and informs and liberates us instead of restricting and limiting our choices of movement. Since 1998, I've been learning Traditional Healing practices having Chinese Medicine as a starting point. If I had to define right now what I'm doing would be something like a body sustainability adviser and researcher for a healing language that is not from east or west, it's rooted in our deep DNA, long before Man drew lines in the maps and mess with his internal and external landscape at large scale.


Due to uncertainty over travel restrictions some teachers may not be present. If that happens we assure that their place will be filled with high quality teachers.