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The International Macrobiotic Conference is open to any professional who is active within macrobiotics. This could include cooks, teachers, health coaches, bloggers, authors, people working for macrobiotic organisations and people with a macrobiotic business. It's objective is to come together with like-minded people in a committed and respectful way, to further our knowledge, exchange ideas and practice, as well as friendship.

This years IMC will be ONLINE and inlcudes 6 speakers.

Date: 27, 28, 29 October, 6:30 to 9pm GMT.

Price: 59€ | £59

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Divine proportion and our entanglement with the cosmos, by Kenneth Prange
This presentation is about showing how the recently discovered central axis of the universe correlates with the tree of life of ancient civilizations. In this talk I will speak about how the “homo sapiens”, an erect species, is the most advanced reflection of the cosmic tree of life, having evolved in an entangled relationship with both the macro-cosmos and microcosmos.
The Essential Relationship, Rik Vermuyten
Among all the relationships that we devellop in our life,what is the most deciding ,the most essential,the most important one we need to cherish?
Macrobiotic Survey 2020 by Simon Brown and Filipa Silva
A presentation of the results of the Macrobiotic Survey, which explores the relationships between macrobiotics the people practicing macrobiotic and the principles. This was completed by over 750 people from around the world and identifies why people start macrobiotics, what their greatest challenges are, why they leave macrobiotics, what motivates people, what they want to learn, what they eat and what influences macrobiotics has had on their health.
The Relationship Between Health and Thinking by Simon Brown and Filipa Silva
There is now growing evidence to suggest that how we think might have as great an effect on long term health as food. Our own mind can have a similar influence on medical issues, such as blood glucose rises, blood pressure and inflammation, as food. The placebo / nocebo influence is surprisingly powerful. Ohsawa wrote extensively about thinking, including non-credo, curiosity, beginners mind, appreciation, honesty, responsibility and humility as basic principles of macrobiotics. This presentation explores bringing thinking into teaching, consultations and health coaching.
To love Life, By Lourenço Azevedo
This presentation is about aspects and core questions that can help you to improve our relationship with life, inner ecology and sustainability.
Zen Macrobiotics and a Doorway to Infinity by Gregory Johnson
What I would like to put forth in this talk is the question whether we can restore some of the original spirit intended by Ohsawa by its initial association with Zen.  I believe macrobiotics as currently understood may provide an insufficient context to attract a new generation of practitioners. The inclusion of Zen in its “masthead” would I believe restore much of its original context and open a new dimension of growth and possibility.
"We all have come from infinity, we all live within infinity, we all shall return to infinity, and we are all manifestation of one infinity".
 – Michio Kushi



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