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women's voice in macrobiotics

This seminar will be on the feminine, but it does not present us with a feminist view. Our purpose is to reveal the consistent and innovative work that some women, almost unknown among us, have been carrying out in the area of ​​Macrobiotics in several countries, including a very extensive research conducted by a Portuguese anthropologist. In an area where, as a rule, recognised teachers are men, we will try to give visibility to the work of 5 notable women who have built their path and their goals on Macrobiotics.

advanced training - meridians and diagnosis of tongue

Advanced training [12h] for Macrobiotic course holders (3 years).
TRAINER Márcia Palma
A theoretical and practical approach to the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) versus that of Macrobiotics.
It is intended that at the end of this training, the students have consolidated knowledge that they can integrate in their day to day.

annual feng shui course - 1st year

As much as you enjoy your home or work place, the energies may not flow favorably. Every human being carries energy. Energy that transports emotions and interferes with the one around us and vice versa.
In this annual course, with a very practical and organic approach, you will be able to obtain knowledge in Feng Shui Housing and Business, which you can use for your own benefit or for professional purposes, in this case after completing the 2nd year.

meetings with macrobiotics®

Macrobiotics has been known and disseminated in Portugal since 1975 and there has been regular information and training since 1985, which represent some thousands of people with this particular knowledge. But, who are these people? Do they practice the standard Macrobiotic diet? How do their families accept it? Do they use their knowledge on Macrobiotics as a source of income? What is the impact of Macrobiotics on the Portuguese society?

Looking for some answers, Meetings with Macrobiotics® started in Lisbon in January 2017, gathering people with knowledge of Macrobiotics, from all over Portugal.