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7 hábitos saudáveis

“O Homem é um animal de hábitos” – Charles Dickens – 1812-1870

Esta frase já tem alguns anos. Este “hábito” de colocar nas frases o elemento “Homem” como referência ao masculino e feminino perdeu a sua intenção generelazida e ...

macrobiotics and health coaching

To assess health coaching as a delivery system for macrobiotic lifestyle advice. This paper explores the natural compatibility of macrobiotics and health coaching, as well as the benefits of using a well researched and effective methodology to deliver macrobiotic knowledge and content in a way that leads to positive lifestyle changes and medical outcomes.

fertility’s modern challenges

Fertility is a natural expression of health. With a healthy couple, fertility is present without effort; waiting for the right time is more of an issue. However, a broadly varied plant-based diet with different and varied food preparations ensures fertility for most men and women.

7 healthy steps before pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy ideally begins at least six months before conception. Within the first three weeks, the major systems and the heart of the baby are forming before most women know they are pregnant. Our diet and lifestyle practices before the pregnancy set the tone during and afterwards as well.