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macrobiotics and health coaching

To assess health coaching as a delivery system for macrobiotic lifestyle advice. This paper explores the natural compatibility of macrobiotics and health coaching, as well as the benefits of using a well researched and effective methodology to deliver macrobiotic knowledge and content in a way that leads to positive lifestyle changes and medical outcomes.

macrobiotics. after all, what are we talking about?

Macrobiotics is a way of life that guides one's choices in nutrition, activity and lifestyle.

It is a system of principles and practices of harmony to benefit the body, mind, and planet.

The word “macrobiotics” originates from the ancient Greek — Macro meaning “large” or “long”, and Bios meaning “life” or “way of living”.

This is the definition of Macrobiotics agreed upon by 45 Macrobiotic teachers from several countries, in November 2017 at the International Macrobiotics Conference held in Berlin. And this is where I want to start talking to you about this life orientation proposal which hardly leaves us indifferent due to its sagacity, topicality and the growing importance of its premises.