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Beetroot Soup

Introduction & Ingredients:

Beetroot soup with soy cream. Recommended for the cold cold weather.

* 1 cup of Hokkaido pumpkin or any other sweet squash.
* 1 cup of onion diced
* 2 medium beetroots diced
* 1 cup of peeled sweet potatoe diced
* Dash of salt
* 2 tablespoons of umeboshi vinegar (you’ll find in whole food stores)
* Soy based cream


1. Wash and cut the vegetables.
2. Put them in a pot and cover with water.
3. Turn on heat and bring to a boil.
4. Add a pinch of salt and put the lid on turning the heat to the minimum.
5. Let it cook for about 20 min or until all the veggies are tender but not smashed.
6. Blend and add the guarnishes.