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Rosalina Silva

Rosalina Silva has started her path in the studies of Macrobiotic Philosophy in 2008 and ever since she has been practicing in her own life, with family and friends.
Rosalina completed the annual Macrobiotic Course and she has also done the Special course in counseling and communication at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal in 2012.
Rosalina was an Assistant of the annual Macrobiotic course at IMP / Portugal  for 3 years, and Francisco Varatojo's assistant to the consultations since 2011, making the follow up of patients after the consultation with shopping, cooking assistance and giving guidance in the new diet and life style in general, helping them whenever adjustments needed to be made.

In 2016 Rosalina starts to give consultations at the IMP.

Since 2017, she is a Teacher and also the Coordinator of the Annual and Intensive Macrobiotic Course at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal.

Rosalina completed the Course of CHI KUNG Instructor in 2018 and is giving classes to people over 60.
Rosalina gives lectures or workshops on themes related to Macrobiotic lifestyle, diet and environmental subjects and also on Healthy ageing.

In 2017 Rosalina has started a new project - integrAL (Macrobiotics in ALcobaça) with Macrobiotic cooking classes, counseling and ginger compress.



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