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Women's Voice in Macrobiotics

International Macrobiotic Meeting

The standard Macrobiotic diet and Portuguese food tradition


There is a strongly rooted idea that in order to be able to practice a macrobiotic diet it is necessary to privilege some foods to the definitive detriment of others. It is often still thought that macrobiotic practice is limiting.
In addition to presenting what is known as the standard Macrobiotic diet, in this talk we will discuss how the macrobiotic proposal helps us to organize the day to day while we reflect on some preconceived ideas about the practice.

At the end of the presentation there will be time for questions.

VENUE: Biblioteca Municipal dos Coruchéus \\ Palácio dos Coruchéus, Rua Alberto Oliveira, 1700-019 Lisboa, Portugal

ADDRESSEE: General public

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED  Free entrance. The maximum limit of participants will be according to the room where the activity takes place.

LANGUAGE: Portuguese

DATES: On Day 28 MAR, 2019

DURATION: 90 minutes, from 3pm to 4:30pm

COST: Free

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

CONTACT:  \\ 00351218 172 049