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Macrobiotic Cooking Class | 5 modules | May 2018

Summer Yoga 24 June - 1 July

Work and Study programme 6 weeks


Daily practice in macrobiotics 'hands on cooking', joinig us for our Yoga Week en Provence (France), be a student in the Way to Health programm from 17 to 22 July in Antwerp or join Bob Carr in his lessons on macrobiotics. You will help in between in the garden, the kitchen or elsewhere. The price includes your room, all meals, lessons full time during 2 weeks, hand on cooking practice on other days and transport to France and Antwerp course with us.

LANGUAGE: English, Dutch

DATES: From 12 JUN To 24 APR, 2016

DURATION: 6 weeks

COST: 1100 euro

LOCATION: Westmalle, Belgium


Mieke Vervecken:

tel: + 32 3 309 17 02

No prior experience needed