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Zlatko Pejić

Zlatko Pejić is founder of and teacher in Makronova Institute – educational institute for macrobiotic and personal ecology and natural lifestyles. 

He realizes his knowledge and interest in the fields of macrobiotics, sustainable development, peace initiatives and environment protection. 

In his work he introduced some original concepts such as bioesthetics, naturology and personal ecology.

He is author and teacher in the seminars and programs developed throughout 30 years of work, after training in Italy, France, Switzerland, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, and gaining the profession of macrobiotic teacher and counselor at Kushi Institute in Boston.

Together with his wife, Jadranka Boban pejić, he is promoter of macrobiotics as lifestyle and education about it in Croatia and former Yugoslavia, and spreading and development of this concept is on his merit.

He is also author of the book “Reflexology – Through Foot Massage to Health”, and co-author of the bestseller “Food for Life”, together with his wife Jadranka Boban Pejic.

He is author of the original concept of Life Academy that consists of various seminars which aim is to educate public for improvement of their quality of health and life in general.



Makronova Institute
Ilica 11
10 000 Zagreb


phone: +385 1 48 47 119