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Tomoko Ogawa Lillrank

My name is Tomoko Ogawa, a japanese woman living in Stockholm for 24 years and a mother of 4 children, 27, 24, 19 year-old boys and 16 year-old girl. I have been practicing Macrobiotics for 26 years.

I learned macrobiotics first in Japan at Hideo and kazue Omori´s school who were students of George Ohsawa. Then I have studied macrobiotics in Sweden, England, Holland, Swiss, USA and other countries in Europa. I have been a cooking class teacher at home on weekends for 9 years and a highschool teacher in Japanese during weekdays in Stockholm.

I would like to spread this precious macrobiotic diet and way of life for our health, happiness and environment of the Earth.  After I started macrobiotics my migraine disapeared and I have not caught a cold many years. I feel I am storonger and stronger as time goes. I had cooking classes on One World summer festival in England this year.

Please contact me if you want to atend my cooking classes.
tel +46-(0) 73 954 8151