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Macrobiotic and Chinese YinYang

The focus of this paper is to be able to teach YinYang in macrobiotic classes referencing both Macrobiotic and Chinese YinYang systems coherently. To gain a better understanding of YinYang in general and able to work and teach using both paradigms. To engage in discussion about both versions and answer questions on similarities and differences.

Reasons for writing a paper on Chinese and Macrobiotic YinYang.
Chinese YinYang is dominant in media and internet. Many students attend macrobiotic courses with some knowledge of Chinese YinYang and may research it further after the course. The risk is that if both systems are not explained properly and with reference to why Ohsawa changed YinYang, it may undermine the student’s confidence in macrobiotic theory, if the teacher cannot answer questions or provide explanations from a knowledgeable, balanced and neutral viewpoint. Many Chinese subjects that use YinYang are now popular, including Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, TCM and Chinese philosophy. For macrobiotic YinYang
to harmonise with other systems, without confusion, we suggest teachers learn both, and discuss them deeply with students.

1. Reduce confusion between Chinese and macrobiotic YinYang.
2. Provide more resources for learning and understanding.
3. Make both versions of YinYang more accessible and understandable for students.
4. Find greater harmony between the Chinese and Macrobiotic versions.
5. Be able to explain context, perspective and reference when applying YinYang.

Identify the differences and commonality between Chinese and Macrobiotic versions
There are aspects where both systems have similarities, have a different perspective, and where the basis for each is divergent. Most applications of YinYang, to health, food and lifestyle are similar. Essentially, the application is the same. The key difference is in the basic references for YinYang.

Authors: Lourenco Azevedo, Simon Brown, Kenneth Prange and Rik Vermuyten

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