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Macrobiotics and the Environment

Macrobiotics is based on the idea that humans are connected to and dependant on the environment they inhabit. Sapiens are nature and part of nature. The well-being of people relies on the health and quality of water, land, air, food, sunlight, micro organisms and ambient temperature as the very basics for survival. According to the founder of modern macrobiotics, George Ohsawa, The healthy, happy man has understood that to live a joyful life, no matter where on this earth, he must first of all make himself one with his environment. He must eat, drink, and behave in a manner that does not alienate him from the orderly, simple truth of nature. He must discover natural food—that which grows in his immediate area—uncontaminated by the imposed, artificial protection that science misguidedly offers through insecticides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, preservatives, and additives.1
Humans are approximately 70% a flow of water and further made up of a flow of oxygen, and nutrients from the earth. Therefore sapiens are essentially a flow of nature. In terms of personal health, individuals are reliant on nature and therefore this needs to be a primary consideration in any hierarchy of healing, health or wellbeing lifestyles. It is ultimately self-defeating to follow a regime that maybe beneficial for individual health, supports a personal philosophy of life or satisfies ideological principles, if it does not prioritise on the wellbeing of nature.